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The Illusion of Familiarity (DVD)
Adi Da talks about the illusory nature of a permanent or fixed past, future, or even present “identity”

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This DVD presents Avatar Adi Da’s Discourse of October 29, 2004. In Part 1, He addresses a question about “history”, and begins an address to the illusory nature of a permanent or fixed past, future, or even present “identity”. In Part 2, a devotee describes an incident of temporary amnesia, and Adi Da Samraj takes a humorous approach to getting to the heart of the experience. In Part 3, He describes the seventh stage process and the unique nature of His State, as well as His function as the non-familiar Divine Master of all His devotees.

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This 2-1/2 hour, 3 part DVD is a recording from a single night of “Consideration” with Adi Da Samraj. Therefore, this unique recording not only offers extraordinary Instruction from Adi Da Samraj, it also allows the listener to participate in the historic event of an extended Discourse by the Divine Avataric Master during His “Adidam Revelation Discourse” period.

This DVD is part of a special Avataric Discourse Study Series intended specifically for formal devotees of the Divine Avataric World-Teacher, Adi Da Samraj.

Price: $14.95

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