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2024 Image-Art Calendar:
Geome Three

The Indivisible Space of Conscious Light

(Color Portfolio & Mille Camera V)

2023 Calendar

Da Plastique offers a selection of images from the suite Geome Three: The Scale of Perfection for this 2024 large format calendar. Adi Da Samraj describes the “Geome”—with formal geometric abstract based on circles, squares, and triangles—as a fundamental “working principle” of his image-art. Adi Da’s image-art reveals that the natural world is entirely constructed of these “primary geometries”.

Price: $108.00
As Adi Da says in the book Transcendental Realism:

If the deep process whereby the brain makes perception happen is profoundly felt and (thus) understood, then it can also be understood that the basis of the natural world’s construction as perceptual experience is primary geometry, or elemental shape—curved, linear, and angular.

Speaking of the Geome Suites as a whole, Adi Da said:

These images are Divine Light-Forms. They are not in the realm of perception. This body of image-art is entirely in the primary domain of Reality Itself—and, in terms of appearances, the domain of Indivisible Unity. Every one of these Images is a portrait of Reality Itself.

  • Format: Horizontal full-color photo paper
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 inch
  • Weight: .05 lbs

Learn more about the Transcendental Realist Image-Art of Adi Da Samraj at

Price: $108.00

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