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Child-Rearing Collection
The First Three Stages of Life (book)
The Scale of the Very Small (book)
Remember About Being Happy (CD)

The Child Rearing Collection, including two books and one CD, offers the Wisdom Teaching of Avatar Adi Da relative to early stages of life development, the Spiritual forces involved in conception of human life, and how to be happy in all circumstances. This collection is useful for parents, educators, young people or anyone with a desire to better understand the human, and spiritual, process of maturation from conception to adulthood.

Price: $65.00

The First Three Stages of Life

Through Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction in this book, children (and people of all ages) can learn: a healthy sense of autonomy and physical mastery; sensitivity to the energies of nature, self, and others; discriminative intelligence and a will to go beyond limitations; to feel the Great Mystery of existence through meditation and devotional practice; intimacy as the healing principle; to go beyond “Oedipal” sufferings, or unconscious emotional patterning in response to their parents and others; to live as “I love you” and become sensitive to the dramatization of “you do not love me”; and discipline, as an act of love. And in this book, as in all of His Communications, Avatar Adi Da offers to all the direct relationship to His Living Divine Presence. (786 pages)

The Scale of the Very Small

This collectible book (published in 1997) includes Avatar Adi Da’s unique and timeless Instruction about the hidden forces that instigate every human birth. Avatar Adi Da explains what actually happens when a human being is conceived, and how sex and birthing and care of an infant can become a Yoga founded in the Divine. Avatar Adi Da describes how life-energy and Spiritual Energy circulate in the human body-mind throughout life—including during sex, at birth, and for infants. Therefore, this book is about who we really are and how we got “here”. It is about “where” to find the True Divine Heart, how to know Real God, and how to be unequivocally and irrevocably Happy. Above all, this book is a calling to the sacred relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj. (436 pages)

Remember About Being Happy

In this Discourse from 1978 Avatar Adi Da first gives humorous and loving answers to two questions from children. He then speaks of the freedom and the responsibility that parents and guides must grant to children for the sake of their “growth and out-growing” in human and in Ultimate terms. The CD concludes with a never-before-published recitation by Avatar Adi Da of His Text “A Child’s Guide To Happiness” from The Happenine Book (recorded in 2006). (54 minutes)

You should educate everyone, from conception onward, to live in freedom, to live in Truth Itself, and to adapt rightly, stage by stage, to every function of his or her conditional existence and to the Divine. If you understand life and have truly observed it and entered into it, you know how you should live with and educate children, young people, and everyone else.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The First Three Stages of Life

6 x 9 inches softcover, 786 pages
6 x 9 inches softcover, 436 pages
Standard CD, 54 minutes
Price: $65.00

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