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The Basket of Tolerance Series
15-Booklet Set

The "Basket of Tolerance" booklets each contain a single essay or a group of essays- either from The Basket of Tolerance itself or from another book on the Great Tradition--in which Avatar Adi Da Samraj elucidates a particular aspect of (or "point of view" within) the Great Tradition. The some of the topics covered in these essays range from The Western Prohibition Against Higher Knowledge to The Revolutionary (and Yet Conventional) Effort of Classical Buddhism.

Price: $12.50

During His Incarnation-Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da created The Basket of Tolerance, a massive library collection, for which He developed an associated bibliography and wrote many accompanying commentarial essays (from which most of the booklets in this series are drawn). This library contains many thousands of items—books, articles, and audio-visual materials—on aspects of humankind’s total search for wisdom, which Avatar Adi Da calls “the Great Tradition”. Each item in the library was selected by Avatar Adi Da from the many more thousands of items that He reviewed during His physical Lifetime. As Avatar Adi Da described, this library is not simply a collection of many separate items, but is, rather, a system for comprehending the single, unified expression of the Great Tradition, and the completing expression of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

If it is embraced in its totality, The Basket of Tolerance will prove itself to be a useful and valuable resource for right study and right understanding of the historical traditions of truly human culture, practical “self”-discipline, perennial “religion”, universal “religious” mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) Spirituality, Transcendental Wisdom, and would-be Most Perfect (or Divine) Enlightenment..

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Basket of Tolerance

Included Booklets

  1. The Western Prohibition Against Higher Knowledge and Realization
  2. Direct Examination of the Structure and Roots of One’s Own Body-Mind Provides Immediate Evidence of The Hierarchical Structure of Reality, and Immediate Proof of The Divine Nature and “Purpose” of Existence
  3. The Real Intention and True Message of “Creation” Myths
  4. The Stigmata (and Religious Phenomena in General) Are a Tradition-Inspired Product of Human Psycho-Physical Participation in the Unity and Ultimate Divinity of Reality, and Not a “Miracle” or “Proof” of an “Outside” God
  5. The Lesser and Greater Traditions Associated with The Kundalini Shakti
  6. To Realize Nirvana Is to Realize the True “Self”: Buddhist “Realism” and Its (Ultimately) Inherent Sympathy with Advaitic “Idealism”
  7. The Effort to “De-Mythologize” Christianity: A Critical Appraisal of the Work of Rudolf Bultmann
  8. The “Official” (Exoteric) Fabrications and Secret (Esoteric) Truth about Jesus of Nazareth
  9. What Is Required to Realize the Non-Dual Truth?: The Controversy Between the “Talking” School and the “Practicing” School of Advaitism
  10. The “Shroud of Turin” and the “Cult” of Relics
  11. The Revolutionary (and Yet Conventional) Effort of Classical Buddhism and “Mind Dharma” in Buddhism
  12. The True Transcending of Sex and the Entire Body-Mind
  13. The Sixth Stage Acausal Ways of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta—and The Seventh Stage Acausal Way of Adidam
  14. The Public Religion of Christianity and The Original Way of Jesus of Galilee
  15. “God”-Talk, Real-God-Realization, and Most Perfect Divine Awakening

Format: 15-booklet collection, 4" x 6" each

Page counts: 25-50 pages each

Price: $12.50

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