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The Giving Coat Ornament
An ornamental miniature of the “Giving Coat”—which represents and celebrates Avatar Adi Da as the eternal and universal Divine Giver.
Price: $27.00

The Giving Coat is a large coat decorated with many external pockets celebrating Avatar Adi Da’s Life and Work. During the celebratory season of Danavira Mela, devotees of Avatar Adi Da can place the Giving Coat (along with the Divine Spirit-Tree of Light, sometimes called the “Giving Tree”) in their environments. As Naamleela Free Jones shares in The Danavira Mela Book:

Like the Giving tree, the Giving Coat is symbolic. It represents Beloved Adi Da’s “garment”, or “coat”, and His Giving gesture to everyone. Installing His Giving Coat in our environments during this season is a reminder that Beloved Adi Da and His abundant gifts are always present in our lives, and that He is the source and subject of our celebration.

This plush, handmade reproduction designed by devotee-artist Judith Parkinson uses the final design of the Giving Coat, which Avatar Adi Da received and Blessed in the final month of His physical Lifetime. It is printed on cloth, then padded, sewn, and decorated by hand with glitter and ornate buttons. Thus, each ornament has a one-of-kind quality. Delightful images of Avatar Adi Da as a child appear on the coat, along with several sacred logos and miniature representations of His Image-Art.

This is a perfect addition to any devotee’s Danavira Mela decorations and a festive way to share and celebrate the relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj in the season of Light-in-Everybody!

To learn more about Danavira Mela and the Divine Spirit-Tree of Light, click here to see this beautiful book by Avatar Adi Da's daughter Naamleela Free Jones.


Format: Cloth Ornament
Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Price: $27.00

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