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Double Absolute Sampler 25 Grams
The "Bright" Rose
Sandalwood Rasa
Hridaya Rose Sandalwood

A perfect way to find your favorite Adi Da Rasa Double Absolute scent. This Sampler box contains sticks of each of our three exquisite varieties, separately bagged, so the scents remain pure. The Double Absolute varieties are infused with twice the amount of fragrance as our standard incense.

Price: $5.25

Adi Da Rasa incense is handmade in India with natural ingredients and aged four to six months to develop the various tones of the aromas to perfection. Each box of incense includes a booklet introducing Avatar Adi Da and His Teaching.

“Rasa” is a Sanskrit word meaning “flavor” or “scent”, or “the essence of enjoyment”. Hridaya Rose Sandalwood is a new Adi Da Rasa scent, developed on the basis of the original scents selected by Avatar Adi Da for His devotees to use in sacred occasions, and in their homes. “Hridaya” is a reference to the True Heart of existence, and we are pleased to offer this new fine incense for your personal use.

Incense is used across many cultures and sacred traditions, to help create pleasurable and contemplative environments. As an element of sacred worship, the burning of incense also signifies and supports Spiritual practice: the smoke that pervades the room evokes a feeling-acknowledgement of the pervasiveness of the Divine, and the ash of the burned-up incense represents the dissolution of the egoic self in the Pure Radiance of the Divine.

* ~21 Sticks of incense
* Booklet
* Bookmark with a quote from Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching
Price: $5.25

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