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9 Mary (2022 Calendar)
Da Plastique 2022 Image-Art Calendar

9 Mary

(The Superconductivity of Celibate Women Under The Midnight Sun)

2022 Calendar

9 Mary—a monumental suite created by Adi Da Samraj in a three-month period from November 2001 through January 2002—is a pinnacle of Adi Da’s black-and-white imagery. In this suite, Adi Da infuses nine female subjects in light—in veiled, unveiled, and “re-patterned” abstractions—to the point of unrecognizability and dissolution. As Adi Da said in his artist’s statement:

I work to move the viewer into ecstasy—abstracted beyond the ego’s modes of perception. Ecstasy abstracts absolutely but not meaninglessly—beyond all presumed “difference” between “self” and “other”’.

Size: 23.5” x 17”

Price: $108.00

Remarkably, Adi Da created each of the 2,313 unique images in 9 Mary as a complex multiple exposure in a film camera, employing innovative uses of video and projection, without any post-shooting digital alterations.

Although there are nine individuals pictured in the suite as a whole, Adi Da Samraj emphasized that an underlying theme of 9 Mary is “diversity within unity”. This “diversity within unity” is immediately conveyed by the title of the suite, with the singular “Mary” following the plural “9”. As Adi Da stated (in particular reference to 9 Mary as a projected performance event), the images of the nine women “periodically emerge, in their temporary particularity, nine around One, like planets and the Sun”.

This large-scale calendar is produced using the finest quality lithographic printing and papers, with a gloss spot varnish on all art images. 23.5” x 17”.

Price: $108.00

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