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Transcending The Search For Life-Fulfillment (DVD)
A Discourse Given by His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The current fashion is to declare that “religion” leads toward some bodily end—some fulfillment of this life, this “world”, this body. This is not My Word to you. All of that is the “doctrine” of the body, the “doctrine” of the lesser stages of life. It is not the . . . Teaching or the Truth of God-Realization.

The Way [of Adidam] is the Way of the Outshining of the body, the Outshining of the mind, the Outshining of the “world”, the Outshining of conditional existence in every plane of possibility.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
December 20, 1988

Price: $19.95

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da addresses a group of His beginning devotees who are on retreat at His Island-Hermitage in Fiji. He Calls them to mature beyond the beginnings of Spiritual practice by really using the Graceful Gifts of His Blessing—principally the Sighting of His Bodily Form—and by understanding and transcending the fundamental egoic impulse to seek for fulfillment of the body, the mind, and the world.

Chapter Listing

  1. Transcending Conditional Existence
  2. The Total Sacrifice of Attention
  3. The Message of Reality
  4. No Complication Is Necessary
  5. The Way of Outshining
  6. Contemplate My Bodily Form
  7. Sacred Sighting

Total running time: 1 hour 56 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-57097-383-3
Price: $19.95

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