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Listen To My Testament
of Divine Secrets (Volume 3)

Recitations from The Dawn Horse Testament
for the Ruchira Avatara Puja

New! Volume three brings together a variety of readings from throughout The Dawn Horse Testament.
  • A significant number of these readings are focused on the third and final phase of the “Perfect Practice” of Adidam —which is Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment
  • This volume also contains an extended recitation: “The True Dawn Horse Is The Only Way To Me”
  • The readings in all three volumes offer access to new content from the forthcoming final edition of The Dawn Horse Testament before its publication

It is said, in an ancient description of the Ashvamedha, “The human being holds on to the Horse’s Tail, in order to reach the Heavenly World, for the human being does not rightly Know the Way to the Heavenly World, but the Horse does rightly Know It.”
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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It is with great joy that this selection of readings from Avatar Adi Da’s Testament of Divine Secrets is made available in final form. These readings are designed specifically for devotees of His Divine Presence to use in Ruchira Avatara Puja, but they can of course be used on any occasion of formal recitation of His Word, and also for private study.
from the introduction, by the Adidam Editorial Guild

Puja on the Divine Bodily (Human) Form of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj, performed by members of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order of Adidam Ruchiradam
The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, 2005

ISBN: 978-1-57097-380-2
272 pages

Volumes One & Two in this series are also available:


The first two volumes of Listen To My Testament of Divine Secrets bring together all the readings for the daily Ruchira Avatara Puja that were personally designated by Avatar Adi Da Samraj during His Lifetime and which now appear in The Dawn Horse Testament. Readings are conveniently divided by length for different types of recitation occasion, and altogether convey beautiful finalized Instruction from Avatar Adi Da’s core Masterwork.

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Price: $10.47

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