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Surrender of self Is A Koan (DVD)
A Discourse Given by His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
OCTOBER 28, 1978

There will be times when you feel “out of it”, when you feel overwhelmed by your negativity, by your symptoms, and so forth. But you have got to have more humor about that. . . . Particularly in those moments, you must learn to practice with great intensity, surrender more profoundly, with a tacit recollection of your true understanding of the true nature of your feeling in relation to Me. . . . You must use Me in the Spiritual way—which means you have got to grow. The more you grow, the more you will make use of Me.

October 28, 1978

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Price: $14.95

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da speaks directly and humorously to a beginner who assumes her lack of devotional self-surrender is a “problem”. There are all kinds of reasons that surrender is not fully demonstrated in the early stages of Spiritual practice, He says, which must be purified and understood. But the heart is always free to respond to the Spiritual Master—and thereby, ultimately, it is “unburdened” of all limitations. The transformative meeting between devotee and Spiritual Master, with all its apparent paradoxes, is the secret of the Real-God-Realizing Way. The occasion concludes with Avatar Adi Da’s brief and beautiful response to a boy who wishes to be free of a tendency to get angry in his relationships.

I regard Heart-Master Adi Da as one of the greatest teachers in the Western world today.

Sufi teacher; author, Chasm of Fire

Chapter Listing:
  1. True Surrender Is Not A Problem
  2. There Is No One To Surrender
  3. Communion Makes Surrender Possible
  4. Persist In Surrender
  5. Come Alive At The Heart
  6. Remember The Mystery In Which You Live
  7. Sacred Sighting
Total running time: 1 hour 27 minutes
Price: $14.95

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