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The Sun of the Heart
Devotional Chants
“The Sun of the Heart is just wonderful... full of The Spirit of the Happiness of God in Everyone.” —Angelo Druda

“This sound is not only highly professional but also Angelic! Like too beautiful to be true...”
—Jovana Ugolkov

Price: $16.95

From the CD Booklet:
The Sun of the Heart is a chanting CD that I made with my musical partners Rosa Guilfoyle and James Edward Clarke, with the assistance of several devotee musicians and singers.

The CD is inspired by and dedicated to the Heart Awakened and Awakening spiritual master Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The lyrics are all Sacred Names and Mantras given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj to His devotees for the sake of their invocation of His Divine Spiritual Presence and State.

The eight chants on this CD were recorded, engineered and mastered by James Edward Clarke at Ty Cerdd Wales Millennium Centre – Cardiff – Wales in 2014 and 2015. The CD comes with a gorgeous sixteen page booklet of artworks and sacred text.

—Simon Pritchard

Sample Track: Da Bhagavan

  1. Om Sri Parama
  2. Da Hridayam
  3. Avatar Adi Da
  4. Om Sri Adi Da
  5. Adi-Guru
  6. Da Bhagavan
  7. Bhagavan Love-Ananda Da
  8. Lord Ruchira Avatar

Runtime: 1 hour, 5 minutes
Price: $16.95

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