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Adidam 2020 Sacred History Calendar
Price: $29.95

2020 MARKS SIGNIFICANT ANNIVERSARIES FOR TWO GREAT EVENTS in Avatar Adi Da's Life and Work: twenty years since the Universally Consequential Event of Divine Translation at Ruchira Dham Hermitage in 2000, and fifty years since the Divine Re-Awakening at the Vedanta Temple in 1970.

he Total Pattern of the universe Is—now, and forever hereafter—the Incarnation-Vehicle of My Divine Avataric Self-“Emergence”, here and everywhere.
The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da's Divine Re-Awakening was Self-Realization of the Divine Non-“difference” of Reality Itself in His own Bodily Vehicle. His Divine Translation Event was the Self-Establishment of His Divine Non-“difference” as the Context of all apparent time and space. These events marked the beginning and the fulfillment of His Divine Avataric Demonstration of the seventh stage Process in Bodily Form, whereby His Pattern of Divine Non-“difference” is made eternally effective in the cosmic domain.

The photographs in the calendar celebrate the Radiant Sign in Avatar Adi Da's Bodily (Human) Form in the time period immediately following each of these two Great Events. And the quotes celebrate the Universal Divine Avataric Process of His Divine Presence, as expressed in Confessions from The Knee of Listening and The Aletheon.

Price: $29.95

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