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Love Is How I Got to Here (Digital Download)
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this talk, Avatar Adi Da describes how the preparatory stages of practice in the Way of Adidam are associated with attention, and how this attachment to attention and all its objects is the avoidance of the fundamental realization of Reality Itself.

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Avatar Adi Da goes on to describe the unique advantage that his bodily incarnation represents for the process of this realization, and how this will continue beyond his human lifetime. This talk ends with Avatar Adi Da speaking about going beyond the “organism” point of view.

“Love Is How I Got To Here” was given in Hymns To Me, a large open-air gathering place at Adidam Samrajashram (Naitauba), Fiji, on April 16, 1995.

I love you now.
I will love you every “then” and “there”.
And I always loved you (and every one, and all, and All).
That is how I got to here (and every “where”).
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

1 Track: 61 minutes

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Price: $9.95

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