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The God Who Truly Is / Love Is How I Got To Here (2 CD Set)
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The God Who Truly Is
In this talk, Avatar Adi Da describes the Way as the utter transcending of fear. He speaks about finding True God as Source rather than “Creator”, and considers the mechanism that is actually responsible for generating the conditional universe.
Love Is How I Got To Here
In this talk, Avatar Adi Da describes how the preparatory stages of practice in the Way of Adidam are associated with attention, and how this attachment to attention and all its objects is the avoidance of the fundamental realization of Reality Itself.

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The God Who Truly Is
Avatar Adi Da gave this discourse to a small group of devotees in a beach hut that had been erected on the shores of a small lagoon at Adidam Samrajashram (Naitauba), Fiji, with the sound of waves lapping on the shore in the background.

I am the one without limit in time and space, communicating to you the revelation of truth such that you will know you can enter into this process of communing with me and realizing me under all circumstances. My person, my presence, my siddhis, have no limitations of time and space, and are, therefore, not limited to this shape, this body-mind, which has a special purpose of revelation.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Runtime: 70 minutes

Love Is How I Got To Here
In this talk given April 16, 1995, Avatar Adi Da describes how all of the movements of attention—whether toward internal objects or toward external objects—do not and cannot become the realization of truth. He makes it clear that attention itself is the avoidance of the direct realization of truth or reality. He goes on to describe the unique advantage that his bodily incarnation, even after his death, represents for the process of this realization.

I Love you Now.
I Will Love you every "then" and "there".
And I Always Loved you (and every one, and all, and All).
That Is How I Got To here (and every "where").
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Runtime: 62 minutes
ISBN: 1-57097-119-6

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Price: $24.95

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