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Transcend the Camera of the Body-Mind (Digital Download)
The “Bright” Revelation Series, Volume Five
A Talk by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In this talk Avatar Adi Da uses the metaphor of a camera for the human body-mind. The self-presumption is a mechanism like the lens and shutter of the camera, but what exists in truth is only Light —unattenuated by the ego-mechanism.
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This discourse was given to a small group of devotees on January 12, 1999 at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in California. Avatar Adi Da later incorporated the essence of this communication into an essay about his artistic work, entitled “Transcending the Camera: The Bright Reality Beyond Point of View”.

“The human body is a camera body. But everything inside and outside the camera is a mode of Light. The human body is just a mechanism within it. . . .The ‘room’ is where attention happens. If it were not for that, there would be no ‘room’ at all—but only Love-Bliss-Brightness, limitlessly felt, in vast unpatterned joy. Therefore, transcend the ‘camera’. Transcend the ‘point of view’ in the ‘room’.

“Consciousness is the ‘room’ of experience. Consciousness itself is the space of things. Infinitely mysterious Conscious Light is all there is—self-existing as Love-Bliss, otherwise apparent as every mode of ego-I and object, focal point, or point of view.” —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

1 Track: Total Running Time: 69 minutes

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Price: $9.99

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