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Light-in-Everybody Ornament
Adi Da Samraj envisions the end-of-the-year holiday season as a time of global celebratory participation by people of all faiths and cultures. He suggests that this could be a season of great positive connectedness, in which people around the world celebrate their own faiths and traditions in the midst of a universal celebration He has called “Light-in-Everybody”.

This “Light-in-Everybody” logo was first published in The Danavira Mela Book in 2008. And new for the 2013 Season, you can hang this special logo ornament in your home.

• High-quality print-on-aluminum design
• Double sided
• 3” x 3”
• Gold hanging ribbon included

Price: $23.00

For devotees of Avatar Adi Da, the end-of-the-year holiday season is “Danavira Mela”, the celebration (mela) of Avatar Adi Da as the “Hero (Vira) of Giving (Dana)”. It is a time to rejoice in the many human, Transcendental Spiritual, and Divine Gifts that He Gave and ever Gives to all of His devotees and to all beings.

To learn more about Danavira Mela and the Divine Spirit-Tree of Light, click here to explore this lavishly illustrated book by Avatar Adi Da’s daughter Naamleela Free Jones.  DVMCover
Price: $23.00

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