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Divine Mahasamadhi Commemorative Ornament
This ornament was created to honor the 10-year anniversary of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Mahasamadhi (or physical passing), which occurred on November 27, 2008. It shows the gold spire from The Outshining “Brightness”—Avatar Adi Da’s burial site, the most sacred temple in Adidam—with the unique moon and planetary configuration that appeared at the time of this Great Event in 2008.

Price: $32.00

At the sacred hermitage of Adi Da Samrajashram, in the early evening of Thursday, November 27, 2008 (Fiji time), Avatar Adi Da Samraj passed from the body. This conjunction of the crescent moon with Venus and Jupiter occurred on December 1, 2008, the night after Avatar Adi Da’s Body was interred at The Outshining “Brightness”. Throughout His physical Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da Samraj had communicated the inevitability of His physical passing and the primary purpose of His Life and Work: to establish the means necessary for all future generations to be able to link up with His Living Divine Presence, making the Reality-Way of Adidam available to all in perpetuity.

Adorning the tree with this ornament during the celebratory season of Light-in-Everybody and Danavira Mela is a simple means of honoring the momentous Event of Avatar Adi Da’s transition from His physical Lifetime to the forever-time of His Eternal Divine Form and Presence.

The sacred image is embossed in a glossy enamel and backed by matte aluminum. The ornament is 2 inches square, has a red ribbon attached for hanging on the tree, and arrives in a velvet bag for protected storage after the season.

To learn more about Light-in-Everybody and Danavira Mela, click here to see this lavishly illustrated book by Avatar Adi Da's daughter Naamleela Free Jones.

Price: $32.00

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