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2019 Adidam Sacred History Wall Calendar
Price: $19.77

12” x 12” calendar format, 24” x 12” when opened

2019 brings together three anniversaries in the Avataric Leela of His Divine Presence Adi Da Samraj.

We ecstatically celebrate the 80th Jayanthi (Birthday) of the Radiant Heart-Master—and thus the Conjunction of His Eternal Person with the human Vehicle of His Avataric Appearance. From this Supreme Event in 1939, all other Leelas of His Divine Self-Revelation Emerge.

Forty years later, in 1979, after the heroic gestures of His “Sadhana Years” and early Teaching-Work, the Divine Avataric Master invited His devotees into the esoteric practice of sacramental worship of His Incarnation-Form.

1979 was also the year He Gave devotees the Gift of Invocation of Him via His principal Divine Name, “Da”.

• These were Gifts of means whereby He could always be “Found” and “Known”—even after His Bodily Lifetime. The Graceful Power of these Gifts is, therefore, part of His Divine Puja throughout the cosmic domain.
• The quotations from Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Avataric Word are a celebration of the eternal opportunity to “Find” and “Invoke” the Divine Person, Da, Ever-Revealed in bodily (human) Form as the egoless Personal Presence of Reality and Truth.

Da Ashvamedha Holy Month
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Includes a two-page spread in back describing the annual cycle of sacred celebration days in the Reality-Way of Adidam, along with a section for each month detailing the history and purpose of each of its holy days.

Enjoy a color slideshow of a few images from this Calendar
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Price: $19.77

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