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Jingle Baba,
the Happiest Camel

by Rita Gordon Siglain
Based on a True Story

Delight the special child in your life with this heart-warming story for children about the love between a camel from the London Zoo and the Unique Spiritual Master and World-Teacher Adi Da Samraj. 55 full-color photos!

Recommended for children 4 and up

All profit is donated to Fear-No-More Zoo*.
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Throughout history there have been many inspiring stories about non-humans who have sought the company of great saints and spiritual beings—for example, Ramana Maharshi’s beloved cow Lakshmi, Meher Baba’s dogs, as well as the many non-humans who flocked to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Stories about non-humans with exceptional sensitivity to the Spirit, to what is beyond and greater than conventional life, have appealed to all people, no matter what culture or religion. Just so, the story about the camel Jingle Baba and Bhagavan Adi Da's profound Love and Compassion for all beings, both human and non-human, will delight children and people of all ages and cultures.


“My kids loved it! So many beautiful photos of animals. My kids were totally engrossed in the sweet and moving story and the photos. They had smiles on their faces the whole time as we read it together.”
—Sarah Carvel

“You won’t be disappointed! This book is perfect for kids of all ages. Heartfelt and lovely! Thank you.”
—Mark Stewart

“A Great Book! What a great book for people of all ages, how wonderful to get to know Jingle Baba, such a beautiful animal!”
—Mildred Manchester

“I just read your book. Tears came to my eyes. I think it is great! Thank you for all your efforts to bring it into being. I picture it being translated in many languages!”
—Bonnie Siniakin

The author has been serving the camels at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary since 1997, when she first fell in love with Jingle Baba. She began to share her love of the camels with her young grandchildren and other children, and even began “talking” to Jingle Baba about a little book she wanted to write for children about him and his growing family. In 2005, when the first draft was finished, she sent the story to Bhagavan Adi Da. Now, after more than 13 years, the story is finally available for sale in a beautiful picture-book format.

Self-published 9" x 7" landscape format, glossy paperback, 62 pages
55 full color photographs
Publication date: November 2018
ISBN 978-1-54395-318-3

*Avatar Adi Da established Fear-No-More Zoo at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary (and the global organization known as "Da Fear-No-More") as a means of extending His Vision of deep respect for the contemplative and Spiritual existence of all beings.

All profit is donated to Fear-No-More Zoo*.
Price: $15.00

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