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Reality Is All The God There Is

What is the connection between the ancient Advaitic and Buddhist Realizers, and with the unique Way of Divine Realization Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj?

How can one make sense of apparent differences in all these teachings and also learn what is useful for the living process of Divine Realization?

In addition to addressing such questions, Avatar Adi Da offers the reader His free-renderings of texts from Advaitic and Buddhist Realizers.

Price: $16.95
This generous anthology includes
• Six commentaries by Avatar Adi Da (from His Essays and Discourses) about the traditional texts
. . . and masterful “translations” of key texts from The Reality Teachings of:
• The Buddhist Sage Nagarjuna (from the Mahayanavimsaka)
• The Advaitic Sage Shankara (from the Dasasloki and Maneesha Panchakam)
• The Advaitic Sage of the Devikalottara
• The Advaitic Sage Ribhu (from the Ribhu Gita)
• The Buddhist Sage Gotama Sakyamuni (from the earliest canon of Buddhist scriptures)

Adi Da Samraj, 2006
Adi Da Samraj Discoursing on the Buddhist Sages. The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, California, 2006
In this book, Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers his unique renderings of the dharma of the great sages of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, including Gotama Sakyamuni, Nagarjuna, Shankara, and Ribhu. Rather than simply translate their teachings from available source texts, Avatar Adi Da, himself a Realized Master, respeaks them as one who has personally realized their truth, revealing that the Buddhist "Nirvana" and the Advaitic "Brahman" point to the same transcendental condition. Avatar Adi Da's transmissions restore to these texts the profound communication intended by the spiritual masters who created them.

The ego nurtures the illusion of separation, an illusion that cannot be removed by the ego's own efforts. It is only the spiritual master who makes possible the realization of egoless consciousness. The great sages proclaimed a state of spiritual realization that exceeded both worldly dualism and mystical seeking. They had awakened to a reality that spoke of abiding in a state of consciousness only. Avatar Adi Da brings these remarkable declarations back to life and then concludes with
Price: $16.95

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