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The Ego's Logic of Cause-and-Effect (DVD)
Nearly four hours long!

“The Divine Condition is not causing anything whatsoever.”
Avatar Adi Da makes this Revelation absolutely clear.

— And He says—
· Short of Realization, this Truth is incomprehensible.
· When there is Realization, it is inherently obvious.

  Click to watch a 2-minute clip in which Avatar Adi Da speaks about the Big Bang theory in the context of the ego’s logic of cause-and-effect.

Price: $19.95

Avatar Adi Da Samraj points out that the logic of cause-and-effect is operative not only in the conventional religious presumption that the Divine is the Cause of the world, but also in all human historical traditions—from the most ancient astrologically based cultures, to various Western philosophies, to the esoteric traditions that posit a subjective source for phenomena.

Price: $19.95

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