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Surrender Without Limitation
In this beautiful and intimate Discourse, Avatar Adi Da speaks with a man who suffers from claustrophobia. Avatar Adi Da points to the self-generated cause of such terrifying experiences, describing them as symptoms of feeling-contraction from the Field of Divine Existence.

He calls this man—and all who are sensitive to suffering and anxiety—to find the Bliss of Divine Existence in His Company, and to intensively practice feeling beyond all emotional limits on living in That Bliss.

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• First time published on CD (or any audio format)
• Study companion to the Discourse of the same name in My “Bright” Sight
• Contains additional material not appearing in the written form of this Discourse
• Includes Avatar Adi Da’s amusing rendition of a traditional Hindu story about Sukhadeva, who is tested by the sage King Janaka in the halls of his glorious palace

 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2004
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da
(on the day this Discourse was given)

For those who want both happiness and Real-God-Realization . . .

This Discourse can also be helpful for those who feel that they must choose between happiness or a life of devotion to the Divine. On this occasion, Avatar Adi Da makes it clear that Surrender Without Limitation is Ultimate Bliss:

You all know what it is like to feel craven for the usual things in life. You have got to get that kind of cravenness going for God. You have got to crave That Bliss, That Happiness, be utterly dissatisfied with anything less, so that you will make the gesture in every moment that moves beyond this knot and submits to That Which Pervades time and space and is right Where you Stand. You must enter into Its Virtue, Its Characteristics—the Characteristics of the Great One. This is what you must do. That is the whole of it. That is it. It is exactly and only What It Is—just That. That Which Pervades all of this, That Which Is the Source of it—That is What you must Realize in every moment.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj, December 30, 1983

Track Listing

December 30, 1983

1 Visit Your Limits 11:09

2 This Is The Great Moment 10:58

3 Inhere In The Living Love of God 12:20

4 Enter Into The Virtue of The Great One 8:57

5 Always Remember The Source 10:51

Total running time: 54 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-57097-362-8

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Price: $16.95

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