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There Are No Historical Selves (DVD)

When someone says your name or calls out “Hey, you!” does that reinforce the sense that you are a separate self?

In this DVD, Avatar Adi Da elaborates His assertion that although we refer to others as “you” and ourselves as “I”, we have never really experienced any such separate entities. Furthermore, the self-reference is a reference to a fiction, a convention from the society of egos:
When you say “I”, you are indulging in a fiction of “self”-reference. You are not actually experiencing a separate “self”, and you are not letting anybody know this. Nobody lets on. Everybody is a naked emperor. You do not tell anybody that you are naked, or, in other words, that when you say “I”, you are not referring to anything that is real and that you are experiencing. And you hope nobody will notice!
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
During the span of this full-evening Discourse, Avatar Adi Da also addresses several other topics in response to questioners. In the following clip, a devotee asks how beings in other realms can relate to Him: Play the 8-minute clip

Price: $19.95

 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2004
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, from this Discourse

The DVD also features Avatar Adi Da’s responses to a number of other questions, including the three paraphrased here.

Click on any question below to read brief text excerpts:

How do I know if I am devotionally recognizing Your Divine Spiritual Form? »

I had a narrow escape from harm in a car accident—was it because of premonition? »

Do places exist in other realms where beings can come to worship You? »

DVD Menu:

From November 6, 2004

Part One (2 hours)
1. My Actual, Direct, and Specific Presence
2. When I Am Found, It Is A Distinct Recognition
3. Nothing Is Absolutely Provable
4. The Separate Self You Claim to Be
5. Familiarity Is a Presumption
6. The Fiction of Self-Reference
7. The Demonstration of the Divine Conscious Light
8. True Sanity Transcends Illusions

Part Two (31 minutes)
1. The Spontaneous Exercise of the Body-Mind
2. This Body Serves as an Extension of My Person

Part Three (40 minutes)
1. I Am Everywhere
2. The Circumstance of Infinity
3. Ego-Based Methods of Knowing

Part Four (44 minutes)
1. Myths Are Meaningful, But Not Historically True
2. The Means of Truth
3. How Serious I Am

Approximate running time: 3 hours, 55 minutes

ISBN 978-1-57097-350-5

NOTE: This DVD presents the full Discourse context in which the Adidam Revelation Discourse DVD The Quest for the Historical Self (published in 2007) occurred.
Price: $19.95

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