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Guru, Faith, and Divine Communion -and- I Will Do Everything (CD)

In these two Discourses, Avatar Adi Da beautifully illuminates the nature of the relationship to the Spiritual Master, or Guru. This sacred relationship is the direct means by which the Divine Principle becomes operative in your life.

Enjoy this excerpt from Guru, Faith, and Divine Communion

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As feeling-attention is magnified toward the Spiritual Master—through the force of attraction, of love, of devotion—the habitual, reactive forces that drive your life begin to lose their force. And the Principle of the Divine becomes the Mover of your life.
If you will simply enter into Communion with the Spiritual Master Who is already in the Condition of God-Realization, That Condition will be duplicated in your case.It is the Supreme Instrument.
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Track Listing

Guru, Faith, and Divine Communion June 19, 1973

Track 1: The Presence of the Guru 15:47
Track 2: Live from the Principle of Truth 15:34

I Will Do Everything May 17, 1977

Track 3: Persist in Spiritual Life 14:47
Track 4: Commune with Me 12:44

Total running time: 59 minutes
Price: $6.97

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