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The Eternal Stand

The spectacular story—with riveting first-person accounts and a wealth of vibrant full-color photographs—of how Avatar Adi Da transformed a six-square-mile island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean into the most empowered sacred space and hermitage ashram on the planet.

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The Eternal Stand is a beautiful chronicle of Avatar Adi Da’s Acquisition and Transformation of Naitauba into His Primary Blessing-Seat, put together with evident love and care by His devotees.
Greg Hale

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The Eternal Stand, because it is professionally accomplished yet humanly accessible, overflows with truly sacred words and imagery that can do much to dissolve the contemporary world’s resistance to and misunderstanding of the Guru-devotee relationship in general, and can serve specifically the natural and human attraction to Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Person and Presence.
Bob Carroll

I love the way that each story from each different devotee adds more and more to the complete fullness of Adi Da Samraj’s Story. This is also a book in which the ecstasy of the devotee’s relationship to Him is so naturally expressed. It is a book about His Divine Vision and Work to Establish True Hermitage and the Happiness it serves in devotees and all beings.
Katsu Ohki

The Eternal Stand is, indeed, a Radiant Sign of Avatar Adi Da’s Perfect Grace, and of His Perpetual Blessing-Force here, most Concentrated at the "Brightness" temple at Naitauba and Radiating from there. Just so, His Infinite Love Radiates from every page of The Eternal Stand.
Terry Cafferty

The Eternal Stand rivals and surpasses any previous accounts of wisdom-heroes in the histories of humankind, from Padma Sambhava in the East and Akhenaten in ancient Egypt, to the mythic culture-bearers Viracocha, Kulkulkan, and Quetzalcoatl in the Americas. And now we have this Divine Adventure told in a many-voiced, richly illustrated Revelation-Chronicle—what a great Gift to the world!
Michael Dustrude

I feel a real eagerness to read from [The Eternal Stand] each day and then linger and examine each photograph to absorb Avatar Adi Da’s most wonderful History of Blessing Leela. Cyril Hinds

The Eternal Stand is completely beautiful and can only be so as it is full of Adi Da Samraj and His Divine Wisdom-Teaching.
An appreciative reader

Price: $65.00

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