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The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries (2-CD)
The three essential dimensions of life-practice in the Reality-Way of Adidam are "radical" devotion, right life, and "Perfect Knowledge". And Avatar Adi Da’s core Instruction in the preliminary practice of "Perfect Knowledge" is given in “The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries”.

This double-CD set is principally designed to support the formal practice of listening to Avatar Adi Da’s “Perfect Knowledge” Teachings. It includes both recitation and chanting of the Text—with versions that allow one to simply listen to either form, or to participate in the chanted form.

From Track 1. The Five Reality-Teachings

Price: $14.95

Adi Da
Adi Da

The main CD cover image (right) is a 2008 ink drawing by Avatar Adi Da Samraj that abstractly represents the two letters of His Principal Divine Name, “Da”.

The image along the top of the CD cover (above) is a photograph of the interior of Temple Adi Da (where this CD was recorded), the primary place for collective worship at Avatar Adi Da’s principal Hermitage, Adi Da Samrajashram.

• Includes recitation and chanting of both “The Five Reality-Teachings” and “The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries”.

• While this CD is a practice-support for devotees of Avatar Adi Da, it is also offered to all as contemplative means to receive His Gift of Divine Revelation-Word.

• Every track was recorded in Temple Adi Da at Adi Da Samrajashram (Fiji), and thus carries with it the distinctive potency of Bhagavan Adi Da’s Hermitage-Island.

• Multiple versions of both profound Texts (including recitation with and without musical accompaniment, and fully chanted) offer rich opportunities for listening.
Price: $14.95

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