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What Is Your Intention?

Avatar Adi Da describes the three options of human destiny: you can reinforce your present existence in gross (physical) form, you can go beyond gross existence into subtler dimensions of existence—or you can transcend conditional existence altogether, in the Great Process of seventh stage Divine Self-Realization.

• First time on CD! (Originally issued as an audio cassette)
• Digitally remastered for improved sound quality

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For those who discover the heart-impulse to the Great Process, Avatar Adi Da offers Graceful Means—but, He clarifies, a most intensive ego-transcending process will be required of you, a constant relinquishment of identification with the separate self.
[Avatar Adi Da] is a contemporary spiritual Hero, offering his transcendental gifts to a culture without a tradition for or even “taste” for Avatars . . . yet he bears the burdens of sagehood with persistence and love.
                                                                      —Alex Grey, artist and author, Sacred Mirrors and The Mission of Art

 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 1988
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 1988

If the gross personality is not relinquished, not effectively transcended, then it remains your destiny, regardless of how many mystical experiences you may have had. . . .

Now you are all kinds of sorrowful and afraid, because of the gross body. That is your commitment, you see. You are afraid to die and you are afraid to lose all relations, and so forth, that you can enjoy when you are alive bodily. Well, yes, it is the body that has these tendencies, but you can—ultimately must—transcend that gross personality. It can be as afraid and sorrowful as it pleases. You must stand beyond it. . . .

To move beyond the plane of gross bodily destiny you must become identified with That in Which the gross body is arising, rather than be identified with the gross body itself.
—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, December 27, 1988

Track Listing:
From December 27, 1988

1. The Three Options (12:53)

2. What Is True of You? (11:41)

3. Attention Is Destiny (11:24)

4. The Realizer Breaks the Spell (13:54)

5. You Can Make Another Choice (10:41)

Total running time: approximately 1 hour
Price: $16.95

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