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Fall Into My Heart
Devotional Songs and Chants in Praise of Avatar Adi Da Samraj By Antonina Randazzo and Friends
Ten tracks of devotional music—including live chanting occasions from Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji, and new, original musical settings of Avatar Adi Da’s Ecstatic Words.

Hear an excerpt from Track 2, “Fall Into My Heart”

Price: $16.95

Some words from others about Antonina’s CD:
”Every single track of your CD is beautiful. Your devotion just shines through; you have done an amazing job!”

“I think it is breathtaking; I really do. The title song ‘Fall Into My Heart’ with Ron on the viola is so exquisite—there is something about your voice with the viola that melds so perfectly—it is mesmerizing, truly!”

“One of Beloved Adi Da's Instructions to the Sacred Music Guild was to collaborate together on recordings and sacred offerings of music . . . that was His Enjoyment in many occasions of music outside Ordeal Bath Lodge, and of the screenings of His Divine Image-Art with live music: the combination of each musician's style being conformed in devotion to Him. This CD is a beautiful example of that! ‘Utterly Beyond’ is just that! Beautiful recording—really makes me wish I was at the occasion . . . makes me feel like I am, when listening.”
Some words from Antonina about her CD:

“What is special about this CD is that it includes recordings of live chanting occasions and improvised music from a special screening of Beloved Adi Da’s Divine Image-Art. I am so happy to be able to offer these recordings on this new CD. In addition, while presenting Avatar Adi Da to public audiences this year, I was moved to write several new pieces. By bringing sacred art into all the areas of my service, these songs emerged by Beloved Adi Da’s Divine Grace. He Is the Supreme Giver and inspiration. This music is offered at His Most Holy Feet.

“I chose the title, ‘Fall Into My Heart’, Beloved Adi Da’s exquisite Words that evoke ecstatic devotion, as a potent reminder of the intimacy of the love-relationship to Him.”

Track Listing: (Lead vocals on all tracks by Antonina Randazzo unless otherwise noted)

1. First Great Invocation 3:22 Antonina Randazzo (tanpura), John Wubbenhorst (flute)
2. Fall Into My Heart 6:29 Richard Kane (synthesizer), Ron Strauss (viola)
3. My Supremely Free Disposition 6:27 Antonina Randazzo (keyboard and tanpura), Bill Somers (clarinet)
4. Da Love-Ananda 6:55 Antonina Randazzo, Elaine Dixon (additional vocals, piano, synthesizer), John Wubbenhorst (flute), Samrat Kakkeri (tablas)
5. Always Already 7:18 Antonina Randazzo (synthesizer), Elaine Dixon (piano), Ron Strauss (Native American flute)
6. Parama-Sapta-Na 7:10 Antonina Randazzo (harmonium), Alexandra Fry (drum)
7. The Beautiful Itself 10:22 Lina Clerke, Elaine Dixon (vocals), Steve Haggerty (synthesizer and harp), Lina Clerke (tin whistle)
8. Utterly Beyond 11:18 Antonina Randazzo, Simon Evans (lead vocals), Sara Dakin, Caroline Lindsay, Megan Anderson, Alexandra Fry (additional vocals), Otto Probst (keyboard), Alexandra Fry (drum)
9. Om Sri Parama-Sapta-Na 7:34 Antonina Randazzo (vocal, harmonium), Caroline Lindsay (vocals), Peter van Gelder (flute), Alexandra Fry (drum), Siegerdina Mandema (tanpura)
10. Second Great Invocation 3:42 Antonina Randazzo (tanpura), John Wubbenhorst (flute)

Total Running Time: 71:03
Price: $16.95

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