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Double Absolute Jasmine in 500 Gram Box (Translucent)
Jasmine belongs to the olive family and contains over 200 species! But the Dawn Horse Press Double Absolute Jasmine comes from only the finest flowers selected by our supplier, an Indian family who made a special gift to Adi Da Samraj of this unique recipe.

They hand make each stick from completely natural sources with no synthetic ingredients. The Double Absolute blend is infused with twice the oils and burns with a very powerful aroma. 500 grams.

Price: $85.00

Jasmine, also known as the "Queen of the Night” because of the intoxicating perfume it releases at night, is associated with feminine sweetness and beauty.

And an absolute is a concentrated, highly aromatic oily mixture extracted from plants in a manner similar to essential oils, but even more concentrated. The efficiency and low temperature of the extraction process helps prevent damage to the fragrant compounds.

Thus, the Jasmine extract in our incense is an absolute, not an essential oil because the jasmine petals are much too delicate and would be destroyed by the distillation process used in creating essential oils.

Price: $85.00

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