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The Gift of Truth Itself
The Ever-Living Means Whereby Everyone Can Realize Truth, or Perfect Happiness

The Realization of The Truth of Reality Itself cannot be “caused”—but “It” can (and, indeed, must) Be Given.
                                  —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This slim volume speaks directly to everyone’s innate heart-intuition of Truth and Reality: offering a penetrating analysis of human suffering and the liberating expression of the process of utter Freedom and Happiness. Drawn from Avatar Adi Da’s final masterwork, The Aletheon, the selections in this book are a wonderful introduction to Adi Da’s Revelation-Word.

• Brief contextual remarks by the editors introduce each selection
• Pocketbook format enhances portability and readability
• Affordable way to begin Aletheon study

eBook Version:

Dawn Horse Press Print Version:

Price: $12.95

By organizing over three dozen selections into three parts, The Gift of Truth Itself guides readers, step-by-step, through those Aletheon considerations that serve as a key to understanding core concepts from Avatar Adi Da’s supreme Scripture:
Part 1) What Is Real and What Is True?
Part 2) How Truth and Reality Are Revealed
Part 3) The Reality-Way I Offer To Everyone

 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2008
Avatar Adi Da Working on The Aletheon, 2007
Following are comments on each of the three parts, drawn from the introductory sections:

Part 1) What Is Real and What Is True?

“A concise consideration of the cultural, religious, and social forces that have shaped Western humanity’s presumptions about Truth and Reality. These influences have now become globally extended, in both East and West, thereby tending more and more to underlie all common religious and secular ideas about the nature of Reality.
 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2008
The Aletheon, Hardbound Edition
Avatar Adi Da reveals how these pervasive thought-patterns not only hide the nature of Reality but even actively work against its Realization. He gives a penetrating description of how the typical human developmental process from childhood to adulthood produces false notions of Reality, Truth, and God. And He shows how it is only by understanding and transcending the limitations of this cultural and social inheritance, and of human egoity itself, that Truth can be Realized. Through His radical examination of these presumptions and limitations, Avatar Adi Da enables us to inspect the paradigms that rule our lives—and to understand how they can be gone beyond.”

 His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2008
Avatar Adi Da, 2008
Part 2) How Truth and Reality Are Revealed

“After considering what obstructs and limits humankind, Avatar Adi Da goes on to describe what has traditionally served the process of Realization. He discusses the esoteric tradition of real Spiritual practice and the essential function of the Spiritual Master—also called Guru, or Adept-Realizer—at the source of every true Spiritual Way.”

Part 3) The Reality-Way I Offer To Everyone

“The ecstatic communications of Part Three of this text,
 Give The Gift.
The Gift of Truth Itself could indeed be the most important gift a person ever gives or receives!
which stand utterly ‘outside the box’ of any presumption of separate self or world, were all spoken or written in the context o
Price: $12.95

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