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The Choice of Love

How would you respond if your loved one was undergoing the ordeal of Alzheimer’s disease, or some other end-of-life circumstance?
Now you can read the story of two ordinary people who discover that the love and happiness of their life together was not lost by the “mere intrusion” of long-term illness and death. Eileen Haight shares how, in the midst of losing her husband to Alzheimer's, she learned about love, caring, devotion, healing, wisdom, and transformation through Avatar Adi Da's Instruction and Blessing.

All through Joe’s illness, I felt informed and Blessed by Adi Da Samraj—through His Written word, through the community of His devotees, and through His very Person and the Relationship He offers to me and everyone. Because of my Beloved Adi Da Samraj, being Joe’s caretaker had become an enjoyment rather than an ordeal. . . . Adi Da Instructed us, Guided us, and Healed our breaking hearts.
—Eileen Haight

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“This book is a simple and inspiring account of how love can and must be the cornerstone for caring for people with Alzheimer Dementia. Eileen Haight's story of her husband's illness shows that his heart was aware of love even when his mind, personality and behavior were in decline. The Choice of Love is essential reading for anyone involved in care of people with Alzheimer's.”
                 —Dr. Sally Taylor, MBBS
                 family medical practitioner, Melbourne, Australia

Excerpts from the Book

Eileen became a devotee of Adi Da Samraj in 1973 when His book The Knee of Listening was given to her by her son Jack. “When Jack, also a spiritual seeker, handed me the book, he told me that he had found his Guru. I read the book cover to cover without putting it down. It was an amazing experience because the book itself seemed to be imbued with energy.

Adi Da Samraj hugs Eileen’s son, Jack
Adi Da Samraj hugs Eileen’s son, Jack
I felt a Presence surrounding me as I read. I didn’t understand everything I read, but I understood two major ideas proposed in the book because I had experienced them for myself firsthand.

First, Adi Da said that seeking was suffering. At that time, I had been seeking for twenty years and it certainly felt like suffering: the kind of suffering, stress, and anxiety one feels when trapped in a bad dream.

Second, He said that suffering was our own activity. That was a little harder for me to see at first, because so often I had felt like a victim and blamed my distress on someone else’s action. But after some consideration, even this rang true for me. At some level I ‘knew’ it was true--and if was true, that it was my own activity, then perhaps I could stop doing that. The whole book was full of wisdom and truth. I felt that I, too, had found my Teacher.”

The Incident
“[Joe] looked at me; his face was blank. There was a long pause. He kept looking at me and I could see that he didn’t have a clue. He didn’t know who I was! It was such a weird feeling to have him staring at me as if I
 Eileen visits Joe at his nursing home
Eileen visits Joe at his nursing home
was a stranger who had just popped into his car at the last rest stop. After all, we had been married for over thirty years! His face was blank, unreadable; he was somewhere else. I wondered if he had gone back in time to when he was a young man. Was he expecting Mary, his first wife, to be sitting next to him? Was he wondering, 'Who is this lady with the silver hair?'”

Eileen Confesses to Her Friends and Discovers Fear, Sorrow, and Anger
Price: $14.95

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