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The Five Reality-Teachings Laminated Card

Front Side of Card

Reverse Side of Card

Price: $4.95

• Published in conjunction with the book Notice This
• Musical notation on reverse for chanting-recitation of “The Five Reality-Teachings”
• Printed on 6” X 9” card to fit inside a standard book
• Durable lamination
• Designed for wall mounting or to keep with you for easy reference

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“The Five Reality-Teachings” are not there to be grasped by the mind alone. Rather, these Teachings are to be Listened to—and the Divine Master Does the Work, as you Listen. Thus, what Avatar Adi Da is Conveying through His “Five Reality-Teachings” is not merely conceptual knowledge to be made use of by limited beings. “The Five Reality-Teachings” are far Greater than that.
The Divine Master’s Teachings Are the Agent of His Person—and His Intrinsically egoless Person Is the Source. In the Mysterious Process of the devotional relationship to Him, not only does Avatar Adi Da Give the Revelation, He also Brings About the Transformation. Therefore, it is not a seeker’s struggle to grasp what He is Saying in “The Five Reality-Teachings”—it is a Revelation Given by Grace. And that Grace will occur simply by fulfilling the Master’s Admonition to “Notice” what He is Communicating in these Teachings. Over time, the understanding and reception of these Teachings deepens, such that they inform your life in a manner that goes far beyond any process of the mind comprehending its own contents.
By Listening to the Divine Master’s Reality-Word, you thereby receive the Power of the Master’s Word (as His Agent) to Redefine what you have already fundamentally defined. That process of root-Redefinition is what is served by repeatedly Listening to the Reality-Teachings, two or three (or more) times per day.
—Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba, from the introduction to Notice This
Price: $4.95

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