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The Rebirth of Sacred Art

In 2008 the City of Florence invited Adi Da Samraj to exhibit four monumental pieces of His aperspectival geometric art in the Cenacolo di Ognissanti, a space containing the renowned perspectival fresco The Last Supper by Renaissance master Domenico Ghirlandaio.

The spatial juxtaposition of these two radically different kinds of art from two very different eras provided a unique opportunity for Professor Gary J. Coates to write this book that considers the nature, meaning, and purpose of Adi Da Samraj’s art.

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Adi Da’s Image-Art and The Last Supper in the Cenacolo di Ognissanti

With clear and informative text and relevant illustrations, this amazingly beautiful book offers essential background on the history of perspectival art, as it unfolded since the Renaissance.

Leon Battista Alberti’s “Visual Pyramid”, originally described in his Della pittura, 1435. (Illustration from Taylor, New Principles of Linear Perspective, 1811.)
Duccio di Buonoinsegna, The Madonna and Child with Angels (1282–1307). 12 1/3 x 9". Bern, Kunstmuseum.

In addition to Professor Coates’s essay, this volume contains “The Maze of Ecstasy” by Adi Da Samraj, also written in response to the Cenacolo exhibition. When these two essays are read together, they provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the place of Adi Da’s art within the context of the unfolding of Western art, consciousness, and culture.

In the center of the book, you will also find a 16-page full-color insert with twenty examples of Adi Da’s art, including a two-page layout of Alberti’s Window I, which was exhibited as a 47-foot-long fabrication in Florence.

The Reduction Of The Beloved: The Reduction Of The Beloved To As Is (The Lover, The Bride, The Wife, The Widow)—Part Four: The Lover, 6 (from Oculus One), 2006

6" x 9" quality paperback, 72 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57097-321-5
Price: $14.95

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