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In The Time of Light (CD)
Naamleela Free Jones

Solo piano from the 2012 Florence Dance Company presentation, "Not-Two Is Peace"—A musical celebration of light and peace, just in time for the season of Light in Everybody!

Hear a 90-second medley of all 3 tracks

Price: $9.00

On July 22 and 23, 2012, the Florence Dance Company presented a multimedia spectacle entitled "Not-Two Is Peace". The performance at the Bargello Museum in Florence, Italy brought together image-art by Adi Da Samraj, original ballet by the Florence Dance Company, and live music—a dynamic exploration of the principles of world peace and prior unity as described in Adi Da's book, Not-Two Is Peace.

Part Two of the performance featured music for solo piano, composed and performed by Naamleela Free Jones, and presented here in this commemorative recording. The CD features photographs from the performance as well as the city of Florence.

Track Listing:

1. Not-Two 5:45
2. Waltz In The Time of Light 5:12
3. Prior Unity Canon 6:05
Price: $9.00

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