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The Way That Begins With Realization

What makes Avatar Adi Da’s seventh stage Revelation utterly unique?

To find out, listen to this CD set and learn about Adi Da’s singular seventh stage Way as He describes It directly and in the context of other genuine esoteric traditions. These Discourse excerpts are an incredible resource for understanding Adi Da’s seventh stage Way with the guidance of His “map” of the six stages of life, which correlates to the structures of the human being.

Listen to a 7:30 minute sample clip

Price: $24.95
Realization of Reality Itself, which is Always Already the Case, begins only from the “Position” of Reality Itself. It is not something arrived at or “caused” by some conditional effort or by seeking. It does not depend on all of that. In fact, it specifically transcends all of that, all seeking, all structures—gross, subtle, or causal. When this Realization is Awakened, you see, everything that arises is recognized—Divinely Self-Recognized.
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, October 20, 2004

Disc One:
A collection of Discourse excerpts in which Adi Da clarifies His seventh stage Way by distinguishing it from other esoteric traditions.

1. Esotericism Requires Culture (September 26, 2004) 22:21

2. The Complete Transcending of egoity (September 26, 2004)

3. The Error of Subjective “Cause” (October 20, 2004) 8:42

4. Blissful Experience Is Not Realization (September 26, 2004) 22:14

5. The Fulfillment of the Great Tradition 14:18 (September 20, 2004) 7:52

Total time: 75:35

Disc Two:
A single Discourse in which Adi Da describes the signs and requirements of His seventh stage Way. (December 25, 2004)

1. Realization and Renunciation 12:40

2. Renunciation Is Non-Identification 16:01

3. No Entity Is A Realizer 12:54

4. Reality Is Only 20:45

Total time: 62:23

Price: $24.95

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