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by Tamarind Free Jones
Ancient Indian prayers and poems set to new music by Tamarind Free Jones and Gawain Mathews

Praise for Tamarind’s music:

"Hauntingly beautiful, sung with the voice of an angel. A mesmerizing sound that will soothe your soul and lift your spirit toward the light in the universe. A breath of fresh air from the void of modern music."
—Karl Anderson, Global Recording Artists

“Exotic and yet accessible, different from anything I’ve heard before."
—Paul Liberatore, The Marin Independent Journal

Hear a 1-minute sample from "Brahmanandam"

Hear a 48-second sample from "Hansa"

Price: $14.00

Swan, my soul, tell me your old story.
Where have you come from,
to what shores do you fly?
Where might your search lead,
and what gives you peace?
With the dawn, wake up, fly free and follow me.
There is an invisible place free of delusion, doubt and sadness,
where even fear of death is outshined.

Track Listing:

1 Brahmanandam
2 Prabhujee
3 Hansa
4 Gunghat
5 Tasmai
6 Nityam
7 Guru Bandana
8 Gurudeva Hamaaraapyaara
9 Beloved Da
10 Purna

Produced by Gawain Mathews and Tamarind Free Jones
Vocals, Tanpura, and Finger Cymbals - Tamarind
Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, B3 Organ, Programming, Percussion, Dolki, Ankle Bells, Harmonium, Surmandl and Vocals on "Tasmai" - Gawain Mathews
Pakhawaj - Mary Khan
Tabla - Nikhil Pandya
Bass Drum - Jack Irons
Additional vocals on “Beloved Da”: Io, Shawnee, and Naamleela Free Jones
Bansuri Flute - John Wubbenhorst
Recorded and Mixed by Gawain Mathews
Mastered by Justin Weise

All music by Tamarind and Gawain Mathews except "Ghunghat" by Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, composed and taught by Khansahib at The Ali Akbar College of Music and used with permission, courtesy of Alam Madina Music Productions. "Gurudeva Hamaarapyaaraa" was written by Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri and arranged by Gawain Mathews.

All lyrics are ancient Indian prayers and poems

Recorded at Gawain Mathews Music Studios 2008-2012

Cover design and Layout - Io Free Jones
Inside design and drawings - Patricia Tsiknas
Ancient text selection and meaning - William Tsiknas
Marketing consultation - Brian Monahan
Pronunciation advice - Shubhra Sahai

Price: $14.00

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