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Money, Food, and Sex/ Guru As Prophet (2-CD Set)
Double-CD—nearly two hours long!
In these two early Discourses, Avatar Adi Da clarifies the Function of the True Guru, which is not to satisfy or relieve the seeker, but to frustrate all forms of the search for self-fulfillment—whether through money, food, sex, or even Spiritual practice. When this ego-frustrating process is engaged as Satsang, as relationship to the Guru, then Present Realization of the Divine can be Awakened—and only then can the real Spiritual process begin.

Listen to clip from “Money, Food, and Sex”

Listen to clip from “Guru As Prophet”

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“Nothing like this has ever been Revealed before. We have waited for this moment in history for countless lifetimes. Adi Da Samraj is the True Heart of the world.”
—Roger Savoie, PH.D., philosopher, writer, and translator

The Spiritual process, the life-process, is utterly dependent on the Divine Itself. And no exploitation of life or Spirituality Itself Realizes the Divine, but is, in fact, motivated by a prior sense of separation, dilemma, absence of Divinity. And, so, only the crisis in which that whole possibility of seeking and being fulfilled and ultimately finding God—only the crisis which undermines that whole a air—truly serves even the Spiritual process.
—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj December 23, 1973

The DIVINE SIDDHA-METHOD Audio Series, Set 2
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About This Series

This CD set is part of the Divine Siddha-Method Audio Series. Every CD in this audio series offers original spoken Instruction that is included (in final written form) in the book series entitled The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar: The Divine Way of Adidam Is An ego-Transcending Relationship, Not An ego-Centric Technique. This book series contains many of Avatar Adi Da’s most summary Discourses on the foundation practice of Adidam. It is comprised of four volumes:*

1. My “Bright” Word (Early formal Discourses: 1972–1973)
2. My “Bright” Sight (A selection of key Discourses: 1973–2003)
3. My “Bright” Form (Two concentrated Discourse series: 1992–1994)
4. My “Bright” Room (A single concentrated Discourse series: 2004–2005)

The two Discourses on this CD set are from the very earliest days of Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching-Work. Avatar Adi Da’s spoken Instructions from this early period served as the seed-forms from which He created one of His earliest books, The Method of the Siddhas (originally published in 1973). This early text, which Avatar Adi Da later re-titled My “Bright” Word, is now the first volume of The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar.
* Volumes 2–4 publication forthcoming.

First Time On CD!
Originally released on cassette tape. Now digitally remastered as CDs for the first time with the publication of this audio series. They are archival recordings with some quality variations.

CD 1: 4 tracks, 50 min.
CD 2: 4 tracks, 58 min.
Price: $10.47

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