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"The Earth Is Founded In My Heart"
World Map

A Celebration of the Divine Blessing of the World and All Earthkind by Avatar Adi Da Samraj Showing Locations Graced by His Physical Presence During His Divine Avataric Lifetime (1939–2008).

Non-creased version, suitable for framing and wall display, 24 inches by 12 inches.

NOTE: When you order this version, we ship your non-creased map in a mailing tube. The other version (2012 Adidam Sacred History Calendar pull-out) is folded in half to fit flat inside the 12” by 12” calendar and may not be as suitable for framing and wall display.

Price: $9.95

    During, and After, and Forever After, My Divine Avataric Physical Human Lifetime, I Will Always Be As I Am. Even All The While I Am Active In The Apparent Context Of the Earth-“world”—and Even All The While After My Time Of Earth-“world”-Appearance—I (Myself) Am Prior To and Beyond The Earth (and, Indeed, Prior To and Beyond All conditional Realms).
    My Divine Avataric Work Is My Own. I Have No Definable Existence.And I Exist, Eternally, In That Divine Freedom—Without Any Compromise Of Truth Itself.
    I Do Exactly What I Must Do, Perfectly—and I Will Always Do So, For The Sake of every one, and all, and All.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Dawn Horse Testament

Click here to see the 2012 Adidam Sacred History Calendar, which includes a folded version of this map.
Price: $9.95

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