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Orpheus & Eurydice
A limited edition publication produced to complement the exhibition, Orpheus & Linead, by Adi Da Samraj, at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Beverly Hills, California.
Features over 20 full-color images from the Orpheus and Linead Suites, alongside dozens of photos of Adi Da Samraj at work on the Suites, as documented by Ruchiradama Nadikanta. Many of the images, photographs, and quotes are published here for the first time.

Price: $29.95

Through the words of Adi Da Samraj and a personal narrative, Ruchiradama Nadikanta offers an intimate understanding of Adi Da’s vision for the featured Suites, as well as key aspects of the archetypal visual language of Transcendental Realism.
The secret of Orpheus is hidden (or encoded) in the images—the secret of the flight out of the hell and into the Earth-world, and, ultimately, into the Divine Domain of Conscious Light.
— Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da's commentary on the Orpheus myth imparts a unique understanding of the significance of his use of this ancient story. It also reveals the truly transformational purpose of his art, drawing viewers into the depth of his vision:
The art I make and do is (itself) the transformational environment of free participation in Reality Itself and in Reality altogether—an open space, a field of light, a space beyond limitations, purposed to draw the viewer beyond the illusions of “difference” that other-wise appear to be separate “self”, and separate “object”, and separate “other”, and separate “world”.
“The Beautiful Room of Perfect Space", Transcendental Realism
Right and true art flows to the viewer—rather than being at war with the viewer, or aggressively trying to control and defeat the viewer. Altogether, right and true art enables and serves the viewer—in an open-handed, ego-transcending manner. Right and true art is infinitely generous.
— “Open-Handed Image-Art", Transcendental Realism
56 Pages in Full Color
6" x 9" Inches
Price: $29.95

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