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The Grace of Turning to Me (CD)
From The Adidam Revelation Discourses
Double-CD—over two hours long!

Carefully selected Discourses for this 2-CD set present Avatar Adi Da Giving potent Instruction in the foundation practice of the Way of Adidam—which is Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, or the moment to moment turning of the faculties of the body-mind to Him.

Excerpt from Track 1: By Moved by Heart-Recognition of Me

Price: $24.95

By using every Compassionate Means in His Manner—sometimes Humorous, sometimes Fiery—Avatar Adi Da Calls His devotees, again and again, to be sensitive to the Grace-Given and spontaneous heart-Attraction to Him, and thereby turn to Him, the Divine in human Form—rather than to the endless content of the body-mind, which only reinforces egoic bondage and the illusion of separateness. In this way, Avatar Adi Da Masterfully Reveals the secret of True Liberation in His Avataric Divine Company. In these occasions, Avatar Adi Da Samraj is no longer Instructing on the basis of His Submission to the Work of Creating His Teaching-Revelation. He Speaks simply as the “Bright” Divine Avatar, Offering His Revelation of Truth as a Free Gift.

The more you Contemplate Me, the more free you will become of every sense of obstacle. But you must participate in this practice seriously and consistently, and for however long it takes to get to that point where it is a fundamentally moment to moment practice—effortless—such that you are effortlessly (or, therefore, searchlessly) Beholding Me.
—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, August 11, 2004
Avatar Adi Da Completed His essential Teaching-Work in the year 2000, and since that time His contact with devotees is primarily in occasions of silent Contemplation of Him and reception of His Spiritual Blessing. However, in July of 2004, Avatar Adi Da began a series of Discourses which were broadcast live over the internet from Adidam Samrajashram (His principal Hermitage on the Island of Naitauba, Fiji) to devotees all over the world. During these remarkable occasions, Avatar Adi Da answered questions from devotees who were present at Adidam Samrajashram, but also from devotees all over the world over a speakerphone.

Track Information:

Track 1: By Moved by Heart-Recognition of Me [10:56]
Track 2: The Great Prescription [23:17]
Track 3: You Are Seeking Me, Not Turning to Me [22:51]

Track 1: The Counter-egoic Discipline of Adidam [43:34]
Track 2: Turn to the Source, Not the Content [31:35]

Total running times: Disc One: 57:13, Disc Two: 75:14
Price: $24.95

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