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"The Three Hearts" Persimmon Ornaments
The Tree of Light, Avatar Adi Da said, represents the human nervous system and the esoteric psycho-physical structures that have been associated with the Spiritual Process in all traditions.

The persimmon ornaments can be placed on a tree with the understanding that all of existence—gross, subtle, and causal—arises in and as Divine Light.

Price: $29.95

The type of ornament used to represent the three hearts can be a persimmon—that is, three matching persimmon ornaments. Beloved Adi Da has been drawn to the enamel-like beauty of persimmons ever since He first saw these fruits in the 1960s. Because they also have a kind of heart shape to them, He has often used them to represent the three stations of the heart on the Tree of Light.

Adi Da Samraj has explained that, in esoteric terms, the heart has three different aspects, or “stations”, that extend horizontally across the heart region from the left, to the middle, to the right. Each of these heart centers is associated with one of the three basic states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping, or what is described in the traditions as the gross, subtle, and causal dimensions of existence.

For a full description of the season of “Light-in-Everybody” and its tradition of “the three hearts” persimmon ornaments, please read The Danavira Mela Book, by Naamleela Free Jones.

This set of three orange and green velvet persimmons is hand sewn by a devotee of Adi Da Samraj. Each ornament measures approximately 3¾ inches high by 3¾ inches wide and comes with its own gold-string hanger. When you place the persimmons on your tree, they will hang with their leaves facing downward.
Price: $29.95

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