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The "Ancestral Sock" Ornament

The Tree of Light, Avatar Adi Da said, represents the human nervous system and the esoteric psycho-physical structures that have been associated with the Spiritual Process in all traditions.

Hanging the “ancestral sock” on the Tree of Light is a well-loved and important tradition stemming from Avatar Adi Da’s childhood. In the late 1990s, when He suggested that replicas be made of “the sock” for others to hang on their trees, this tradition became a special sign of the direct and personal relationship everyone can enter into with Him.

Price: $9.95

The actual “ancestral sock” has been hanging on Avatar Adi Da’s family tree for close to a century. The sock was first put on the family tree for Beloved Adi Da’s mother’s very first Christmas, in 1915. From the time He was an infant, the sock was always on the tree at His Grandpa and Aunt Minnie’s house where He went every Christmas Eve. His grandfather eventually passed it on to His mother, and she then passed it on to Beloved Adi Da in 1975. It has been the first ornament to go on His tree each year ever since!

Adi Da Samraj has said about the “ancestral sock”:

I said I would Give you what I have been given. And, in the scheme of human things, what I have received is an empty sock. So all I can say is, “This is That, And That I Am.” This empty sock will do. It is both and neither that transcends all. Its Emptiness transcends all. Its Emptiness is entirely Full. Its “inside” Emptiness is only Empty of what is “outside”. But since it is open-ended, there is no “difference”. It is entirely Full. It is not “empty”. The insubstantial Self is Full.
For a full description of the season of “Light-in-Everybody” and its tradition of the “ancestral sock”, please read The Danavira Mela Book, by Naamleela Free Jones.

This replica “ancestral sock” is hand sewn, hand dyed, with two bells. It measures approximately 10 inches long.
Price: $9.95

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