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The Commitment to Happiness (DVD)
From the 25th Anniversary Series

Avatar Adi Da Calls for a serious inspection of ordinary experience, and for the embrace of true Spiritual practice, or “sadhana”—which occurs in the context of right relationship to the Guru. He describes the lawful approach to the Spiritual Master, which is not fundamentally about receiving explanations but about coming into conformity with the Master’s Pattern. For His devotees, this conformity (or Communion) occurs through heart-attraction to His egoless Divine State.

Now available for the first time on DVD! (Originally released in 1997 on VHS)

Price: $14.95

You should “consider” seriously the fact that simply in the midst of this human condition here, you do not just feel good. You are not just happy. Allow this seriousness to generate the only choice that makes intelligent sense. . . . I mean the life of real sadhana—the serious and profound human process that is about the Realization of True, most profound Happiness, That Which Is Always Already the Case, that cannot be lost, cannot be destroyed—True Freedom.
                  —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
From November 10, 1996

Running time: approximately 1 hour
Price: $14.95

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