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Approach Me from the Heart (DVD)
From the 25th Anniversary Series

In this lively and intimate discussion, Adi Da Samraj eloquently addresses several questions, including “What are the fundamental emotional-sexual limitations of beings in this realm?” This DVD also provides an excellent example of the devotional relationship between Avatar Adi Da and His devotees.

Now available for the first time on DVD! (Originally released in 1997 on VHS)

Price: $14.95

During a March 1984 occasion at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in northern California, Adi Da also discusses these questions with a small group of longtime devotees:

What is a Divine experience?
Who is God that God could be identified over against anything whatsoever?
And who is a Spiritual Master if He can find Himself apart from God, such that He could say: “This piece is Me and this piece is God”?
How could such distinctions continue in the consciousness of one who has Realized the Divine?

Running time: approximately 1 hour
Price: $14.95

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