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Now and Forever Hereafter
Songs of Devotion to His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

By Antonina Randazzo and Friends
Eight devotion-filled tracks with five new, original pieces set to Avatar Adi Da’s Ecstatic Words. Also includes two traditional Indian pieces which Antonina has sung in Sacred Offerings to her Beloved Guru over the years.

audio  Play Track 5, “This Is My Form” (7:27 minutes)

Price: $16.95

Some words from Antonina about her CD:

I have felt such a deepening response and heart-need to develop Sacred Music this last year. It is a significant way for me to honor all the Gifts Parama-Guru Da has Given. This CD came together quite magically, with the Force of His Eternal Divine Presence bringing each piece into being by His Grace.

“Now and Forever Hereafter” felt like an appropriate title for Bhagavan’s Unceasing Embrace and Radiant Company.

I offer these songs in love and devotion to our Beloved Master, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj.

Track Listing: (Lead and harmony vocals by Antonina Randazzo)

1 Reality Itself 4:40 Gawain Mathews (slide guitar), Nick Milo (synthesizer), Tamarind Free Jones (tanpura)

2 Now and Forever Hereafter 3:07 Bill Somers (clarinet), Owen O’Mahony (guitar)

3 The Water Itself 4:54 Antonina Randazzo (chimes and drone)

4 I Am Radiant 6:43 Nick Milo (orchestration, piano, and synthesizer), Antonina Randazzo (djembe and cymbals)

5 This Is My Form 7:24 Antonina Randazzo (synthesizer), Bill Somers (clarinet)

6 Atma Nadi Shakti Loka 7:29 Sally Howe (harmony vocals), Antonina Randazzo (piano), Gawain Mathews (slide guitar), John Wubbenhorst (bansuri flute)

7 Saraswati Bandana 9:11 Antonina Randazzo (tanpura and synthesizer), John Wubbenhorst (bansuri flute)

8 Gurudeva Daya 12:29 (Written by Swami Vivekananda), Antonina Randazzo (tanpura), John Wubbenhorst (bansuri flute)

Total Running Time: 56:24

† “Atma Nadi Shakti Loka” can also be found on the “May You Ever Dwell in our Hearts” CD
Price: $16.95

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