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I Am Your Unique Advantage (CD)
Three Talks on the Supreme Gift and Ancient Tradition of Heart-Response to the Realizer
A remarkable collection of talks in which Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes how—by means of spontaneous heart-response to Him—His devotee is effortlessly drawn beyond the illusion and sufferings of presumed separateness, into the ecstasy of Divine Communion.

Play an 8:56 minute excerpt from the CD:

Price: $16.95

Avatar Adi Da’s profound communication on this CD helps free attention to participate in the Great Process of heart-attraction to the Realizer—a process known since ancient times to be the Supreme Means of Spiritual Awakening.

Talks include:

  • Use Your Unique Advantage
  • Divine Distraction
  • Love of the God-Man

  • Total runtime: 63:23 minutes
    Price: $16.95

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