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The Reality-Way of Adidam
The Divine Process That Outshines All Seeking in the Perfect Freedom of Reality Itself

This book is written for those who are moved to learn about the way of life Adi Da Samraj has given to all who would enter into the Divine Process that outshines all seeking.

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At heart, everyone yearns for a Truth that transcends the mortal suffering of life. Everyone intuits, in one way or another, that such Truth exists. Adidam is, fundamentally, and always, the mysterious and Transformative relationship to Adi Da Samraj. He is the One who has demonstrated and communicated the means whereby living beings can participate in the egoless Reality that is Truth.

In this book you will find out:

• Who Avatar Adi Da Samraj Is, the import of His human lifetime, and the nature of the Blessing He Eternally offers

• What the relationship to Adi Da Samraj entails and the nature of discovering Him as one's Guru

• Why “radical” devotion, right life, and “Perfect Knowledge” are the key pillars of the Way Adi Da gives

• What the congregations of Adidam are and how they relate to the unfolding process of Awakening in Avatar Adi Da's Company

• How Adidam is placed in the context of the Great Spiritual Tradition of humankind

From Part One:

Adidam is a universally applicable Way of life.
Adidam is for those who will choose it, and whose hearts and intelligence fully respond to Me and My Offering.
Adidam is a Great Revelation, and It is to be freely and openly communicated to all.

If you would have your life not be about bondage, Reality Itself must Transform your life. The [Reality-Way of Adidam] Is That "Radical" (or Always "At-the-Root") Transformation of life, Based on Prior Establishment In and As Reality Itself.

                                —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Giver of Adidam
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255 pages
ISBN 978-1-57097-282-9
Price: $19.95

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