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The "Bright" Man of Happiness
Stories about the mystery of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Life

Price: $14.95
From the introduction:

This booklet is about Beloved Adi Da's early life and how He was born to Teach and Bless the whole world. It was written to help you learn about Beloved Adi Da's Divine Love and Happiness and the way He Gives His Love and Happiness to everyone.
Beloved Adi Da Works in a very special way-by offering us a Spiritual relationship to Him. So one of the most important things about this booklet is that it can help you feel the Happiness of your own relationship with Beloved Adi Da.
There are fun and interesting things for you to do as you read along in the booklet, and lots of new words to learn. It is best to read this booklet with a guide or parent or teacher who is one of Beloved Adi Da's devotees, because you will have things to talk about or questions to ask as you go along, and they can help you understand more about Beloved Adi Da. We hope that you will grow in your feeling of Beloved Adi Da's Blessing as you read this booklet!
Price: $14.95

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