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The Free Daist
Third and Fourth Quarters, 1995

The quarterly journal of the Heart-Word and Blessing Work of Adi Da (The Da Avatar), February – April of 1995

Price: $30.00
Feature article: The "Santosha Leela" of Adi Da, the Da Avatar. Also includes:
  • The "Bright" Santosha of Adi Da, the Da Avatar.
  • Sexuality Undisciplined Is the Great Alternative to Divine Enlightenment:
  • The Eleven-Day Gathering, February 13-23, 1995
  • The Heart-Cure Is the Only Cure, A Talk by Avatara Adi Da, February 24, 1995:
  • Avatara Adi Da's Primary Santosha Sign of Darshan
  • Getting Out of Your Underwear Neurosis, A Talk by Avatara Adi Da, March 13-14, 1995
  • Transcending Victim-Consciousness, A Talk by Avatara Adi Da, March 23, 1995
  • Cultivate Your Right Relationship to Me, A Talk by Avatara Adi Da, March 30, 1995
  • Pool: The Game of Remarks.
  • The Tradition of Love and Respect: Avatara Adi Da's Blessing Work with Two Pacific Island Men, April 3, 1995 by Bill Stranger and Jonathan Condit.
  • The Day of Fire Purification, April 9, 1995.
  • And much more!
1995, double issue, 96 pages
Price: $30.00

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