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The Completing Discourses of the 25-year Revelation

Conclusion of the 1995 Gathering Chronicle

Price: $5.00
Included in this unique chronicle is the Leela, “I Don't Need Anything; I Just Want To See You!”, by Lynne Wagner, as well as the following talks from Avatar Adi Da Samraj. All took place during the Spring and Summer of 1995.

The "Reality" You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own Illusion

Being Without a World

You Become My Devotee in Your Past as well as in the Present

The Search for Perfection

The Seeming Conventionality of Right Sexual Discipline

Make the Body a Yoga-Body

The Dimensions of Cosmic Appearance and the "Dimensionless" Divine Domain

Don't Seek—Eat Soup!

The Grid of Attention

The Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness

1996, 8.5"X11" paper format, illustrated, 60 pages
Price: $5.00

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